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HOA (Home Owners Associations)

At DJR Construction Group we specialize in community maintenance. We offer a large variety of services to HOAs. Our top priority is to keep every aspect of your community running seamlessly. Our services range from landscaping and irrigation to major renovations of community clubhouses and everything in between. Over the years we have developed a tight network of highly skilled employees that use industry leading techniques on every job, to ensure that we leave nothing to be desired. We take pride in the fact we pay attention to ever little detail in your community. Let our family at DJR Construction Group take care of one of your most prized possessions your community.

  At DJR Construction Group we specialize in maintaining all aspects of your community. We understand that the upkeep of a community is vital to retaining its value and curb appeal. We strive for excellence in everything we do whether it’s maintaining the grounds with our full lawn care services, making a host of repairs that keep the homes and buildings in your community looking the way they were intended to or major renovations to common areas such as club houses and banquet halls. At DJR Construction Group we have you covered in all areas with our one stop shop model.


A neighborhood is more than just a place where well placed homes populate every corner. It’s where families live and memories and dreams are created and shared. We understand the importance of keeping your community

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