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Carport & Garage Construction & Repair

Carports and garages are more than just places to park your vehicles they also add to the visual aesthetics of your property. Have you taken a look around and noticed your property in need of a new garage door, carport roofing replacement or custom structure built? We can repair or replace carport roofing, garage doors and garage exteriors for all types of properties as well as construct new structures. We specialize in a vast amount of exterior renovations using industry leads materials to provide reliable garage and carport renovation services tailored to suite a client’s individual needs. We have years of experience replacing garage doors and exterior repairs for your garage.

Garage Remodeling Services

If your garage or carport needs basic repairs or major ones, we can more than handle it. We boast a huge list of garage and garage door remodeling services some of them are:

  • Garage door replacement

  • Exterior garage renovation

  • Custom garage door installation

  • Garage door wall renovation

  • Replacement of carport roof panels

Benefits of Garage Renovation

The instillation of a new garage or carport to your property will present practical benefits. Although it may seem a bit intimidating at first, renovating an existing garage into a more updated version or into an entirely new space can add tremendous value to your property. Do not worry your project no matter the size is in excellent hands with DJR Construction Group. There seems to be an endless amount of options when it comes to transforming your garage don’t worry we will walk you through each step of the process. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Weathering protection for vehicle

  • Extra storage space

  • Additional living or entertainment space

Exterior appeal

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