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Our services include both metal and wood fence repair and replacement for multifamily, commercial and residential properties. We offer a variety of options within these categories to ensure customer satisfaction. At DJR Construction Group  we understand the importance of a fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing fence or gate. We will work with you to ensure your multifamily, commercial, or residential property is complete with the perfect fence.

Fence Replacement Specialties

When choosing the right fence for your multifamily community or commercial property, the options can be overwhelming. We like to make your life a little bit easier by designing, installing and repairing your fence according to your property’s style. We offer fences of all types, including:

  • Wood Picket Fences

  • Wood Rail Fences

  • Steel Fences

  • Vinyl Fences

  • Chain Link Fences

  • Aluminum Fences

  • Perimeter Fencing Replacement

Benefits of New Fence Installation

Repairing or replacing your fence with a more updated, appealing option boasts many benefits, such as:

  • Additional privacy

  • Enhanced outdoor appeal

  • Increased property value

  • Enclosed spaces for children or pet play areas

  • Reduced noise

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