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Balcony Build / Repair

Does your property have an outdoor space that is not being utilized because of an outdated look or unsafe structure? We can repair or replace balconies, railings, balcony structures, and more. Across  different counties, we have been repairing and replacing balconies / patios for multifamily and commercial properties of all different styles. Balconies have been an important accent piece for multifamily and commercial properties for decades, and we take pride in honoring that tradition. At DJR Construction Group we ensure superior-grade balconies and patios that will enhance your exterior façade.

Balcony/Patio Services

A balcony or patio can be used for many different things and although it is not an essential component of any property, safety is still an essential aspect one must consider during the design process. In order to maintain the safety of your property as well as enrich its outdoor appeal, we offer the following services for balconies and patios:   

  • Railing repair or replacement

  • Metal Balcony Replacement

  • Wooden Balcony Replacement

  • Structural repairs

  • Concrete replacement

  • Fixing cracks and other defects

  • Coating / finishing application


Benefits of Balcony/Patio Repair 

Due to its versatility, a balcony can serve a vast number of purposes when properly repaired or replaced. Several of these benefits include: 

  • Increased exterior aesthetic

  • Enhanced property value

  • Outdoor views

  • Place for pets and plants

  • Space for grilling or outdoor cooking

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